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Long Ter

Long Term Mutual Funds Predictions using Deep Neural Network

Built the first ever Deep Neural Network for predicting long term mutual fund performance. We wanted to help investors who want to invest for long term in selecting right mutual funds to invest in. Our algorithm uses millions of parameters to predict which Mututal Funds will perform the best for next 1 year.

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Retail Shelf Monitoring

AI Model for Retail Shelf Monitoring from video footage

Retail industry loses revenue when products are out of stock on shelves, or not arranged in a way that customers can find them. We created an AI model for Identifying out-of-stock & misplaced/ disarranged products on grocery shelves in real time.

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Counterfeit shoes detection

Counterfeit shoes detection model for a stealth mode startup

For a stealth mode startup in U.S. we created an image classification model for identifying real Vs counterfeit shoes by using close up images of shoes. The model assessed shoe quality, material and other nuances and provides 97% accuracy.

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Computer generated watch designs for a watchmaker

One of India’s largest watchmakers uses a Deep Learning model for creating new designs for watches. The model is a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with added functionality to control the type of images generated by features selected by the user.

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Marketing Analytics for a Travel Company

Marketing Analytics for a Travel Company

One of the top U.S. travel companies, uses Machine Learning based predictive model to drive its entire marketing strategy. Model combines LifeTime Value prediction with web browsing, telephone and email activity of the customer to identify right products and messaging for the customer.

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social Credit Scoring System

social Credit Scoring System for mobile app based personal loan company

India’s first mobile app based personal loan provider, uses a Machine Learning based credit scoring model for assessing credit worthiness of a customer. The model combines traditional financial data with social data to change the lending market in India.

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lifetime value model

Combining lifetime value model with other aspects of customers

We have a unique approach to combine customer’s lifetime value with other parameters like likelihood to churn, propensity to purchase or credit worthiness of a customer. This creates a two dimension grid, where each customer is placed in a block.

A strategy can be defined to treat customers differently based on where they fall on the grid.

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Automated KYC documents and Medical report processing for an insurance company

India’s top life insurance providers uses an automated KYC and medical report processing utility powered by Artificial Intelligence. The utility extracts relevant information from images of various identity documents and medical reports and provides it in a structured format.

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Conversational chatbot

Conversational chatbot for customer engagement

World’s largest two wheeler manufacturer uses a conversational chatbot for customer engagement and lead generation on their website. The bot can answer questions related to product features and specifications and creates leads for sales team to call back.

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Object detection for retail shelf

Object detection for retail shelf compliance

A large consumer goods manufacturer uses an object detection model that identifies various products from shelves to measure compliance of their product placement on retail shelves. It uses numerous algorithms to calculate compliance percentage with a model planogram to identify various products, count their stock and make sure they are arranged in right order.

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