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Data driven solutions for real world challenges

We create data driven solutions for all real world challenges using cutting edge techniques in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Analytics. We are driven by a zeal for lifelong learning and are passionate about building high quality solutions.


Our Expertise


Computer Vision

Deep Learning models using Convolutional Neural Networks are capable of understanding images and videos. These models are used for creating Image Classification, Object Detection, Image Segmentation, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Image Similarity Search models.

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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing with Recurrent Neural Networks based models are able to understand natural language. These models are used for creating Text Classification, Question Answering Systems, Text Summarization, Machine Translation and Sentiment Analysis models.

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Recommendation System

Collaborative Filtering models are used to create recommendation systems similar to those of Netflix and Amazon. When adapted to Neural Networks, these recommendation systems can recommend products by combining user’s preference, product features and past product sales history.

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive models built using Neural Networks can reduce the need for feature engineering. Models for Predicting Sales, Marketing Performance, Credit Scoring or any other Regression or Classification problems can have improved performance with Deep Learning.



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