Conversational Chatbot

 Conversational chatbot for customer engagement


World’s largest two wheeler manufacturer uses a conversational chatbot for customer engagement and lead generation on their website. The bot can answer questions related to product features and specifications and creates leads for sales team to call back.

Business impact

  1. Created a rich conversational experience for customers which increased the customer engagement.

  2. It provided new avenue for generating leads for the company.

Conversational Chatbot


Created a conversational chatbot for increasing customer engagement. It provides information on products, special programs, showroom locations and captures leads. The bot guides users through features, specifications, colors and prices of various motorcycles. Customers can interact with the bot on company website and Google Assistant. It enhanced the buying experience of the customer by making the process simpler, convenient and comfortable.


Technology Used

Dialog Flow
Google Actions
Google   MyBusiness
Jash Data Sciences