Darshak Shah - Founder and CEO

Darshak has always been an analytic thinker. Whether it’s coming up with the best way to play sudoku or creating a plan for product testing, he likes to break problems into most basic components and analyze them to find a solution.

He started his journey with IBM where he lead a product testing team working on Embedded Linux. After IBM he went to Babson College in Boston to pursue his dream of getting an MBA from world’s #1 college for Entrepreneurship and graduated Magna Cum Laude. At Babson he discovered his true passion in Analytics and Machine Learning.

He joined Grand Circle Corporation in Boston as VP of Analytics and transformed the way multi-million dollar marketing program was run by using predictive analytics.

After 4 years working at Grand Circle, he joined EarlySalary – a startup which gave India’s first loan via a mobile app. He created a social scoring system called as SocialWorth score which calculates an applicant’s credit worthiness based on social and financial parameters.

He then worked with Searce Inc. to establish Data Science practice and built Machine Learning solutions for some of India’s largest companies.

All along his journey, he kept himself updated with latest techniques in machine learning and analytics. He has always been passionate about building teams, developing talent and mentoring people. He attributes this passion to great mentors who helped him tremendously during his early career.

Darshak Shah

Bhakti Shah - Co-Founder and COO

Bhakti has always had an inclination towards making her career in Operations and Marketing. Her strong organizational skills and ability to get things done complements her career choice.

After graduating from Symbiosis College, she pursued her MBA in MITSOB under the guidance of a Harvard Mentor.

She joined ICICI Bank as a tele-caller, and within 3 months moved up the ranks to become operations in charge of ICICIDirect back-office operations. There,she discovered her interest in Operations Management. With her great administrative and leadership skills, she headed a team of sales agents and also conducted product and sales training for sales agents.

Climbing the success ladder, she became the Marketing Executive at Religare Securities.

With years of experience in Sales and Operations Management, Bhakti Shah is currently working with Jash Data Sciences as the Chief Operating Officer. Holding a variety of roles throughout her journey, Bhakti is ultimately serving the companies Jash Data Sciences by leading a successful effort to streamline operations and drive growth.

She is also the General Manager of the company Crystal Peripherals and Systems. She helped in ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the company. At Crystal Peripherals and Systems, Bhakti worked with the CEO and Directors to define business strategies. ALong with Corporate Jobs, she is also a visiting faculty at Wadia College, Pune.

Bhakti Shah